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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Panelpolls?

+ Who may participate in the Panel?

Panelpolls is open to kids 2-14 (through their parent—a parent is the member and must review and approve their child’s participation for each activity), teens 15-17, young adults 18-34 and parents of children ages 0-17.

Panelpolls members must meet certain eligibility criteria and membership may be limited.

+ Why is it that sometimes you do not accept new members?

+ How do I become a Panel Member?

+ What do I get for being a Panel Member?

+ What are points?

+ How do I check/redeem my points?

+ How will I know when there is a Panel survey or other activity?

+ How often will I participate in surveys or other Panel activities?

+ How is my privacy protected?

+ Why am I not getting survey invitations?

+ What if I am no longer interested in participating?

+ PARENTS: What do I/my child get for being a Panel Member?

+ PARENTS: What is expected of me/my child?

+ PARENTS: Why am I getting survey invitations but my child(ren) is not?

+ PARENTS: Can I have more than one child participate?

+ PARENTS: My teen wants his/her own account

+ PARENTS: What if I/my child are unable to, or don't want to, complete a particular Panel survey/ activity?